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What are the different types of crypto custody?

different types of custody in crypto
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The rise of cryptocurrencies in recent years has been nothing short of revolutionary. From small beginnings less than 15 years ago, today's digital asset scene features thousands of crypto coins and crypto tokens with a total crypto market cap in the billions.

However, with great potential comes great responsibility. As more mainstream investors dip their toes into crypto waters, the need for secure and regulated different types of crypto custody solutions becomes ever more critical.

This article explores the exciting world of crypto custody—what it means, the options available, and how to choose providers wisely. By the end, you'll have a solid grasp of this important facet of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Let’s begin!

What is crypto custody? Simply explained

In simple terms, crypto custody refers to safely storing cryptocurrency assets on behalf of others. Much like traditional financial institutions provide custody services for stocks, bonds, and other securities, crypto custodians play the same role but are specialized for digital assets.

Their core function is to ensure crypto coins and crypto tokens are protected from theft or loss through advanced security practices. Just like with traditional securities, there are different types of crypto custody.

As with any financial service, there are different types or modes of custody that come with their own set of pros and cons. Broadly speaking, these fall under third-party custody or self-custody in crypto terms. Let's explore the pros and cons of each model!

types of crypto custody

Pros and cons of third-party crypto custody

Now that we understand the basics, let's examine the pros and cons of relying on a third party, like a regulated custodian service.


  • Dedicated security teams, multi-signature transactions, offline "cold" storage, and audits have increased security.
  • Insurance in case of hacks or loss of funds, up to $320 million for some services.
  • Simplified regulatory compliance for institutions by specialists.
  • Convenient transaction processing, reporting for taxes, and audits.


  • Additional costs for crypto custody and transaction fees.
  • Potential lock-in of assets if the custodian becomes insolvent.
  • Loss of total control over private keys.
  • Potential for funds to become inaccessible if the custodian is hacked or goes out of business.

On the surface, third-party crypto custody offers clear advantages in security and compliance for many investors. However, we must still carefully vet counterparty risk, as the infamous FTX collapse reminds us. Large, regulated firms do mitigate these risks but are not risk-free.

Pros and cons of self-custody crypto

For those desiring full ownership of their private keys, self-custody crypto offers independence but comes with responsibilities.


  • Maintain sole control and autonomy over your assets without third-party custody trust dependencies.
  • Avoid any fees charged by custodians for their services.
  • Potential for stronger security through diversifying your storage locations and authentication methods for personal devices.


  • Requires diligently securing private keys yourself across all points of storage with no backup partner. One slip can lead to irretrievable loss.
  • No support services for key recovery, transaction processing, or compliance help if the key is lost or compromised.
  • There is greater regulatory uncertainty in some cases as self-custody blurs institutional definitional lines.

Self-custody demands security discipline and a technical understanding that not all are equipped to safely manage long-term. Careful planning and a backup strategy are important to properly weigh the risks and benefits of your situation.

What is the difference between "storage" and "custody" in crypto?

While often conflated, there is an important distinction between crypto "storage" and "custody". Storage refers purely to where private keys are held—on an individual's own devices or externally at a third-party location.

Custody, on the other hand, encompasses more than just the storage element; it implies taking responsibility for the care, oversight, and security of those private keys.

A qualified crypto custodian not only secures the storage but also manages processes, compliance, insurance, and potentially other value-added services surrounding the keys.

Therefore, one can self-store private keys without technically having custody if they are not properly managing the additional role responsibilities. When selecting a custodian, it's vital they demonstrate robust practices across the whole definition.

Who provides crypto custody?

There are now several regulated crypto custody providers offering insurable crypto custody services for both retail and institutional investors. Performing due diligence is important to assess each provider's qualifications, financial strength, security controls, insurance, and regulatory compliance.

It is important to look for transparent audits, insurance from reputable insurers, and solid regulatory track records. Cryptobunq offers expert custody and wallet services in this regard.

Additionally, it is equally important to invest in secure digital assets. EURK is the best euro stablecoin that offers robust security in the realm of decentralized finance in this aspect.

EURK euro stablecoin offers transparent transactions that are fast and secure for users to store wealth. Using EURK allows for easy access and adoption of cryptocurrencies due to its stable value and regulatory compliance.

By having reserves in secure Swiss banks and being pegged 1:1 to euro currency, EURK eliminates the risk of volatility and offers stability as a EUR stablecoin.

Therefore, you can trust euro stablecoin platform EURK and easily buy EURK on exchanges, such as Coinstore and KoinBX, with your euro stablecoin wallet.

crypto custody types

How do I choose a crypto custodian?

Here are some tips when evaluating crypto custody providers:

Check regulators

Prefer providers regulated as qualified crypto custodians by the SEC or foreign equivalents like FINMA.

Review security controls

Look for details on procedures like offline multi-signature cold storage, key generation practices, vetting, and auditing.

Verify insurance

Ensure large, reputable insurers with strong ratings back their coverage, and it's not a related party.

Evaluate fees

Consider both crypto custody and transfer/transaction fees on top of what crypto exchanges may charge separately.

Evaluate financials

Look at the custodian's audited financials, capitalization, and backers of a startup to gauge risks.

Check qualifications

Prioritize qualified crypto custody providers, members of crypto security councils, and veterans in the digital asset space.

With care and diligence, regulated crypto custody can unlock crypto investment opportunities while mitigating risks, especially for those who are not comfortable self-custodying large holdings or institutions looking to participate in this emerging asset class.

The bottom line: Is it time to get custody?

We have explored the different types of crypto custody, from self-custody crypto to utilizing third-party services. Whether actively trading crypto or long-term holding, protecting private keys is paramount.

For maximum peace of mind, institutional players and those with large balances may find the regulated structures of top-tier crypto custodians most reassuringly reduce wild west risks over time.

However, self-custody crypto still appeals to some who desire full independence. In any case, education around storage, key management, and oversight best supports long-term success.

If you're ready to take the next steps to establish strategic safekeeping for your crypto treasures, review providers. EURK offers transparent dealings and diligent security practices that can ease your journey in the volatile world of crypto with the power of stablecoin.

If you want to learn more about euro stablecoin advantages and dive into the decentralized finance world without worrying about security, EURK is here for you. Become a partner today and experience the advantages of the best euro stablecoin with EURK!

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