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How to buy EURK?

how to buy EURK
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EURK is a reliable stablecoin that is 1:1 pegged to fiat money, and you can buy EURK easily with our detailed guide. Join us in this blog as we explore euro stablecoins and EURK stablecoin in detail.

Provided by CBQ, EURK is a secure stablecoin option that makes global payments, e-commerce payments, and cross-border payments easier and more risk-free. You can take your crypto payments to the next level with the power of stablecoins.

The Guardian Bank, The Kingdom Bank, Reisbank, Speedy, and Cryptobunq are our trusted partners, and you can buy EURK easily from them by following these steps:

  • Choose one of our partners and create an account.
  • Login to your account and connect your crypto wallet.
  • Choose the euro accountancy.
  • Choose your transactions and confirm the details.

By following these four easy steps, you can buy EURK securely. You can sell, transfer, and exchange your assets after your purchase. If you want to learn more about euro stablecoins and the benefits of investing in euro-based stablecoin EURK, let’s continue our blog and explore in detail!

What is a euro stablecoin?

The role of stablecoin is to provide constant, stable value by being pegged to fiat currencies, unlike other types of cryptocurrencies. Due to their risk-free nature, many investors choose to invest in stablecoins.

A euro stablecoin like EURK is a type of cryptocurrency that is pegged 1:1 to the euro, meaning each stablecoin can be redeemed for one euro at any time.

This gives it the price stability of fiat currency while also retaining the key properties of cryptocurrencies like speed, global accessibility, and programmability.

Specifically, EURK is a euro stablecoin secured by real cash reserves held in regulated banks. EURK provides sufficient liquidity that is always on hand to satisfy redemption requests. Regular audits verify the euro reserves and attest to EURK maintaining its 1:1 peg.

As mentioned earlier, this combination of stability and crypto-native features opens up entirely new opportunities. EURK stablecoin can be sent instantly anywhere in the world, as easily as sending a text.

This is a huge benefit over traditional cross-border payment methods. It also enables innovative new applications to be built directly on blockchain technology.

buy EURK euro stablecoin

What are the benefits of the euro stablecoin?

There are several key advantages that come with using a euro stablecoin like EURK:


Transactions with EURK settle instantly versus the 1–5 days typical of traditional international bank wires. This allows for near-real-time value transfer in the global economy.

Low costs

Sending stablecoins globally costs just a tiny fraction of a cent compared to the substantial fees charged by banks and intermediaries for international wires.


Anyone with an internet connection, even those without a bank account, can use EURK. No bank account is necessary. This financial inclusion is transformative, especially for those in emerging markets.


Stablecoins operate natively on the blockchain, enabling innovative new applications. For example, using EURK in smart contracts or as a currency in decentralized applications and virtual economies is possible.


Every transaction is recorded on the transparent, immutable public ledger, providing an additional layer of transparency not found with traditional finance.


Stablecoin leverages the robust security of blockchain to help prevent fraud and make funds more hack-resistant than traditional bank accounts. Its peg to real cash reserves also provides stability.

Data from the European Central Bank found approximately 5% of euro banknotes in circulation are used internationally as a cash substitute outside of the Eurozone. EURK offers digital equivalency and advantages over physical cash for these types of cross-border transactions and payments.

What is the EURK stablecoin?

As one of the most well-established and trusted projects in the euro stablecoin space, EURK aims to set the gold standard for these types of assets. Here are a few key details about the EURK stablecoin:

  • The Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland overseas Cryptobunq, a regulated electronic money institution that issues EURK.
  • Each EURK coin is fully backed by and redeemable for one euro held in reserve accounts at regulated European banks in Switzerland and the Dominican Republic.
  • Regular attestations are conducted by third-party security auditors at chain security to ensure the reserves are properly maintained and the 1:1 peg is being upheld, giving users full transparency.
  • The project prioritizes regulatory compliance, having recently become one of the first stablecoins to align with the forthcoming European Markets in Crypto-Assets (MICA) framework.
  • EURK runs on several blockchain protocols, including Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and soon Tezos, to provide interoperability and tap into multiple growing developer communities.

If you're looking for a secure, audited, and fully euro-backed stablecoin, EURK is among the most well-suited options on the crypto market today.

Why should you choose EURK?

According to the International Monetary Fund, 85% of the world's adults do not have access to formal banking services. However, through the establishment and growth of stablecoins like EURK, millions more individuals now have opportunities for financial inclusion globally.

EURK offers some clear advantages that make it a sensible choice:


To make sure your money is safe, EURK has strict third-party security audits, a reserve backing ratio that is always above 100%, and multi-signature crypto custody over collateral.


Send euros instantly to anyone, anywhere in the world, within seconds for just pennies—a big improvement over the 1–5+ days international wires typically require.


As the first euro stablecoin to commit to Europe's new MICA regulations, EURK is uniquely future-proof and trusted by regulators over non-compliant competitors.


EURK's distribution across several blockchains like Ethereum (Arbitrum, Polygon, and Optimism) and Solana brings interoperability as well as the speed and low fees of those Layer 1 networks.


Cryptobunq keeps a real-time transparency page disclosing the full origin and storage of backing reserves with regular attestations.

Low Risk

EURK is strictly pegged 1:1 to the euro, so its price essentially tracks EUR and carries less volatility or speculation compared to other digital assets.

Developer Tools

Solid developer tooling makes it easy to integrate and build innovative new financial applications leveraging a euro-backed stable value layer.

With so many benefits compared to traditional finance and other crypto options, the EURK stablecoin is clearly an optimal digital currency. You can easily benefit from euro stablecoin advantages with EURK for your individual and business needs.

buy euro stablecoin

How to sell and transfer EURK?

Selling EURK is just as simple as buying it—whether you want euros back or to exchange your EURK for another cryptocurrency. Here is a common way to go about it:

Decentralized Exchanges: DEXs like Uniswap allow supplying EURK as liquidity to swap back to EUR without third parties through on-chain pools of tradable tokens.

You can also use the same account that you bought in EURK. By following the same steps for buying, you can sell EURK or transfer EURK to any other ERC20 wallet.

Once sold back for EUR, funds can be withdrawn by bank transfer, debit card loading, or other payout methods supported by the particular crypto exchange or wallet service used.

As with any crypto, it's always wise to only conduct business with trustworthy and reputable platforms. Therefore, you can trust our partners and their expertise in this regard.

In summary, EURK paves the way for financial inclusion through stablecoins

While still early, projects like EURK show the immense potential of stablecoins and digital currencies more broadly to modernize outdated and exclusionary financial systems.

With its focus on regulatory compliance, liquidity, transparency, and delivering the security and speed users demand, EURK leads the way in establishing vital digital infrastructure for a more open and inclusive financial future.

You can check out these articles on “transparency for stablecoins” and “liquidity in stablecoins” to learn more about their roles and why they are important features of EURK.

As adoption grows, we're sure to see many more innovative use cases emerge leveraging this novel euro-backed stablecoin on public blockchains.

For those interested in the future of digital finance, EURK presents a sensible entry point both today and in the long run. Become a partner today and adapt to the future with EURK stablecoin!

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